Japanese beauty




Bizen TsuboAbstract

The lights are finally installed.
After all the texture of the earthen wall is good.
I wanted to take a picture to commemorate that.I went to a flower shop.
Then I came across a flower I had never seen.
It is a peach flower like a chrysanthemum.
That is why it is a flower called “Kikumomo”.
This encounter seems to be a blessing to this space.
Tonight, I want to drink while watching this scene.
Kampai !!

A world created by two abstract works


Click here to purchase pottery works-> BIZEN GALLERY AOYAMA (Kyoto)
Click here to purchase the abstract work behind-> TAMBI(Tokyo)
Inventory of abstract works is in Tokyo and Kyoto.
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Discover every day

A scene that appeared during work

Shooting is important to me.
I’m particularly nervous about the quality of the light.
I observe every day what kind of light comes in at what time.
There are new discoveries every day.

The following is an experimental shot for online shopping.
There is no problem with the light. I can change the background in any way.
I want to take advantage of this space to take better pictures.

Gallery in Kyoto



Shigaraki Tsubo

My daily routine is to look for beautiful fallen leaves in my small garden. What a sober …


I struggle every day with more than 150 boxes of cardboard that spring up like a fountain when I moved.Now I can see the floor. It’s pretty clean.

The gallery is located in the middle of Kyoto. Near the intersection of Horikawa Gojo.
It’s a very convenient place.
It is close to Kyoto Station, and you can reach the most downtown area in 3 minutes by bicycle.
However, it is very quiet and not a tourist destination. That’s why I chose this place.
This old folk house is called a townhouse “Machiya”.
This house is not of high quality.
It’s small and partly tilted, but I like the texture of clay walls and wooden fittings.
The already renovated home is comfortable, but less tasty. Texture is the most important point for me.
This is a very different perspective from the average person.
There is also a very small garden where we can enjoy the autumn leaves.
For me, who grew up in the concrete jungle, it’s very luxurious and happy.
I can spend my days fulfilling without worrying about this crazy world.

All the photos are on the second floor.
The ceiling is high and I like the atmosphere upstairs. However, the gallery is on the first floor.
(The haniwa is placed at the height above the Fusuma = sliding doors.)