Line of sight

Machiya in Kyoto is an elongated house. In turn, there is a street, a front door, a small room, a small room, a large room in the back, and a small garden in the back. (There are many Machiya that differ from this pattern.) I’m always in a position to see the street from the room in front of the innermost garden. I like the sight after the intense west sun has passed. In the evening, I change from classical music to jazz.What I like and listen to right now is Red Garland. I like fashionable sounds.
The atmosphere of the work looks very different depending on the natural light and lighting, and the background music. Everything has an interesting discovery.

Favorite Shigaraki | Tetsuya ISHIYAMA

Planet Shigaraki








Shigaraki Otsubo | Size(cm)W42.2 H46

This is a planet beyond mere pottery.
Soft clay texture and warm colors, emerald shining planet “Shigaraki”
What a beautiful pottery !

These were taken from different heights by several centimeters. The appearance also changes.