New work
Iga Hanaire Size(cm)W12.7 H25.4
Kazuya Furutani
We would like to introduce four wonderful flower vases by Mr. Furutani.
At a later date, we will also introduce some sake cups and flat tea bowls.
Thank you
Best regards,

Morning and evening light

Shigaraki Yohen Mentori Hanaire

Shigaraki Mentori Yohen Hanaire Size(cm)W9.5 H29

Sakura said that humans are doing stupid things.
Sakura entertains you humans every year. What more do humans want?
While saying national interest, it destroys many things and takes many lives of the most important young people.
It destroys the important national interest that actually exists, rather than the calculated national interest.
They are doing something that doesn’t make sense.