Tomoyuki OIWA
Online Exhibition

From the works in the current exhibition,
Good contrast between warm and cool colors.
After all, Bizen has a calm and good atmosphere.
Although it is a long and narrow work, it is heavy and has a sense of stability.


Feeling for a long time
Thanks to you, I suddenly became busy from around November.
We are returning to the situation before the virus disrupted the world.
Officially, I will be on vacation from tomorrow, but I still have a lot of things to do.
I will be busy tomorrow.

I am very happy and grateful.
I appreciate you sincerely.
I was able to finish with a smile.
(Please listen to the song until the end.)

Next year, I will be Toshiotoko.
(Toshi-otoko also means men who were born in the year of the same zodiac sign
(symbolic animal) with that of the current year.)
I want to make it a good year to make a leap.
Like a rabbit jumping!!
Wish you and your family the best for 2023!!
Taijiro ITO