Gallery in Kyoto



Shigaraki Tsubo

My daily routine is to look for beautiful fallen leaves in my small garden. What a sober …


I struggle every day with more than 150 boxes of cardboard that spring up like a fountain when I moved.Now I can see the floor. It’s pretty clean.

The gallery is located in the middle of Kyoto. Near the intersection of Horikawa Gojo.
It’s a very convenient place.
It is close to Kyoto Station, and you can reach the most downtown area in 3 minutes by bicycle.
However, it is very quiet and not a tourist destination. That’s why I chose this place.
This old folk house is called a townhouse “Machiya”.
This house is not of high quality.
It’s small and partly tilted, but I like the texture of clay walls and wooden fittings.
The already renovated home is comfortable, but less tasty. Texture is the most important point for me.
This is a very different perspective from the average person.
There is also a very small garden where we can enjoy the autumn leaves.
For me, who grew up in the concrete jungle, it’s very luxurious and happy.
I can spend my days fulfilling without worrying about this crazy world.

All the photos are on the second floor.
The ceiling is high and I like the atmosphere upstairs. However, the gallery is on the first floor.
(The haniwa is placed at the height above the Fusuma = sliding doors.)