Pinch hitter

Kyoto is extremely hot, so the flowers die quickly on the west-facing window side.
However, there are many pinch hitters of maple and pterophyta in the garden, so we don't have to worry about it.
Works with beautiful gradation of Mr. Takahara are lined up.

Raku Museum

Yesterday I went to the Raku Museum on the same street.

Special Exhibition
Three Generations of Tamamizu Ware

The work of the first Mr.Ichigen was really wonderful.
It is a Aka Raku Chawan named "Shomen"(笑面).
It was a truly memorable chawan.
I also liked the work named "Tatsuta".
The Chawan named "Yamazato" made by the 4th generation of the Raku family was also wonderful.
I think that people who make Chawan should go to see it.

I went to a flower shop on my way home. Rowan was already on sale.
(It's still very hot)
Next weekend is already the beginning of autumn in the calendar.

The front door light of the opposite house looks like a full moon.
(The Shigaraki Tsubo was shot from the side.)

Bizen Tebachi

We served very beautiful and delicious Japanese sweets from a store near my gallery.
The contents of Japanese sweets have an innovative taste like fruits.
It is my favorite.

Bizen Tebachi | Shingo KOYAMA | Size(cm)W28 H19