The focus position is different, but it is very difficult to choose which is better.

Komorebi = sunlight that filters through the leaves
This light is soft, like a polka dot pattern, and I never get tired of watching it sway.
It’s my favorite time.

It’s all bad news, but I think this kind of time can have a very positive effect on my heart.
It’s a small garden, but the presence of a single tree is very important.
It was really nice to move here.

A relaxing space

The light was beautiful today and I took a picture of the back garden from the entrance side.
It is no exaggeration to say that there are almost no old folk houses with a two-story garden in central Tokyo. Even if there are several cases, the rent will be very very high.It might be a famous Japanese restaurant called ” Ryo-tei.” …
Our machiya is not a luxurious type, but I am very mentally satisfied. I can never go back to the concrete jungle.
Autumn leaves may start in the next month. The passage of time is really fast…