A relaxing space

The light was beautiful today and I took a picture of the back garden from the entrance side.
It is no exaggeration to say that there are almost no old folk houses with a two-story garden in central Tokyo. Even if there are several cases, the rent will be very very high.It might be a famous Japanese restaurant called ” Ryo-tei.” …
Our machiya is not a luxurious type, but I am very mentally satisfied. I can never go back to the concrete jungle.
Autumn leaves may start in the next month. The passage of time is really fast…

Bizen Tebachi

We served very beautiful and delicious Japanese sweets from a store near my gallery.
The contents of Japanese sweets have an innovative taste like fruits.
It is my favorite.

Bizen Tebachi | Shingo KOYAMA | Size(cm)W28 H19