first day of spring

February 4th was the beginning of spring.
It was a cold day with snow today.
When I went to the flower shop, flowers that felt spring were lined up.
White pottery can feel cool in the hot summer, but I also like white pottery in the cold winter.

Kohiki Shihou Bin | Size(cm)W9.6 H26 | Hiomi TAKESUE
粉引四方瓶 | 武末日臣 

Floating on the full moon

Paeonia obovata
Seen from a close distance, the plant looks very impressive, but it still has a wonderful presence. It has an overwhelming presence.
It suddenly became cold. It expresses the atmosphere of a full moon, which is associated with the warmth of autumn fruits and the cold winter.

I don’t think anyone will believe it , but I wrote the lyrics for this song a long time ago. And it was used as BGM for TV commercials of pharmaceutical companies. It was composed by a friend of mine. Someone please use this song again!!