Iga Tabimakura Hanaire

You can feel the strength of the wild nature from this work.
Sunset before the storm? A sunset after a storm?
How is the land formed?

As for the current status of the gallery,
I am surprised to see an increase in the number of sudden visits from important customers from Tokyo. Their operation was a great success.
I am happy to see you again after several years.


New work
Iga Hanaire Size(cm)W12.7 H25.4
Kazuya Furutani
We would like to introduce four wonderful flower vases by Mr. Furutani.
At a later date, we will also introduce some sake cups and flat tea bowls.
Thank you
Best regards,

Iga Hanaire living in Europe

Iga Hanaire | Size(cm)W13.9-H27.2
We have received many orders from overseas, mainly in Europe and the United States.
When this Hanaire arrived at the customer’s hand, he went to pick wild flowers and sent me a picture of the flower arrangement. I am very happy. This Hanaire is also happy.
Thank you very much !!

Precious light

It’s like a flower blooming on a cliff where a small waterfall flows. Natural glaze is very watery.
This color is rare in Bizen. There is a little scenery like Madara Karatsu.
This is the result of firing with miscellaneous wood in a small kiln.
I like this color and this view very much.

Bizen Sampo Hanaire | Takushi TAKAHARA

It was cloudy, but as I was preparing to shoot, the sun came out.
However, the light does not reach the flowers as I expected.
I remember the Zen word that the world doesn’t go as planned….
I must thank you for giving me a little light.
I’d like to take a picture again while the flowers are in good condition, but it will be cloudy or rainy weather forecast tomorrow…
It seems that rainy days will continue in the future, so short chances will be important.