Bizen chawan

Bizen Chawan

Bizen Chawan Size(cm)W12.8-H9 | Takashi SOGA
It is a chawan with the traditional “Hidaski” technique, but the color that looks like a reversal of the usual scenery is interesting. Until it comes out of the kiln, there is still a world we do not understand. That is exactly the charm of ceramic art.

Bizen Chawan

Bizen Chawan Size(cm)W13 H9.2 | Takashi SOGA
The naturally fired black color is very attractive.

A scene in memory

Looking at this Chawan, I can see the sight of the tip of my favorite cape when I lived in Tokyo.
Lava flows into the sea, cools and hardens, forming the earth.
If the ground was dyed in the setting sun, I would have been able to see the golden sight.
Enjoy the powerful finish and metallic texture of the surface.
I haven’t been to the sea since I came to Kyoto. I want to go to the sea on the north side of Kyoto.

Kindei Wan | Size(cm)W14.3 H13.5
Takahiro ISHII