Feeling for a long time
Thanks to you, I suddenly became busy from around November.
We are returning to the situation before the virus disrupted the world.
Officially, I will be on vacation from tomorrow, but I still have a lot of things to do.
I will be busy tomorrow.

I am very happy and grateful.
I appreciate you sincerely.
I was able to finish with a smile.
(Please listen to the song until the end.)

Next year, I will be Toshiotoko.
(Toshi-otoko also means men who were born in the year of the same zodiac sign
(symbolic animal) with that of the current year.)
I want to make it a good year to make a leap.
Like a rabbit jumping!!
Wish you and your family the best for 2023!!
Taijiro ITO

worth paying

Since I came to Kyoto, I often go to art museums not only to see temples and Buddhist statues, but also to see works of art. There are opportunities to go to the same place many times and see the same work many times. There are many things that I notice again each time. Even the same thing can give a different impression depending on how it is displayed, the time of day, and various small differences. Of course, it also depends on our age and mental state. I went to the Kyoto National Museum with my French friend. We went to see the tea ceremony exhibition. I felt that the exhibition place for Kizaemon should be on the first floor. The atmosphere was not very good. Unohanagaki’s exhibit was great. I thought it was the best exhibit I’ve ever seen.
The next day, we went to the Raku Museum. It was a wonderful presentation on the theme of tradition and innovation. I felt that the theme of “Transcending” was also important, and the content was good. Of all the artists, the first generation Chojiro is the person I respect the most. I also love the 15th generation. An aspiring ceramist should not miss such an opportunity. There will be many discoveries that cannot be obtained on the Internet. You should actually see the real thing with your own eyes.

facial expression

Yohen Wan | Size(cm)W13.2 H11.1 | Takahiro ISHII

Just like humans, their facial expressions in the morning, their facial expressions when working, and their facial expressions when playing are all different.
The 6th and 7th backgrounds are made by myself. My current hobby is making abstract prints. They will change in the future. Under construction.

The other day, there was unauthorized access and unauthorized posting. It’s a really weird time. What do humans want?