Autumun of…

I strongly feel the sign of autumn.  In Japan, there are various expressions such as autumn of art, autumn of appetite, autumn of thought (Pensive) , and autumn of reading…
I have a lot of things I want to do. Autumn is a good time to move forward, as it is easy to spend.
Long song for a long autumn night : ) I used to play drums when I was a student, so I often improvised for about 30 minutes. It is a nostalgic memory.

Bizen chaire

Bizen Chaire Size(cm)W5.7H9.6
Shinjiro AIKA

As I feel almost every day, the sky in Kyoto is truly varied. It is a busy weather in a short time with sunny, cloudy and rainy weather. Basically, even if it is sunny, the clouds move quickly, and there is almost no state of fine weather for a long time. Even when shooting, I have to change the camera settings in a few tens of seconds. I’m very busy. Both of these are correct, but the impressions are different. These two pictures were taken with slightly different amounts of clouds. It is difficult to choose one. I don’t know which one the viewer prefers. I should choose the one that suits the work, and I should post both, but the number will increase. Natural light is fun and difficult.