Kuro bizen

The contrast between black and yellow is also beautiful, but complex mixed colors such as cobalt blue, black and silver are attractive.
The matte luster and traces of shells on the inside, and the kodai that integrates with the shape of the upper body are also interesting.
Kuro Bizen Chawan | Size(cm)W10.7-H8.7 | Takushi TAKAHARA

Japan suddenly became cold. My body can’t adapt yet, so I’ll be careful not to catch a cold.

Small vase?

Of course there are no restrictions on how to use it,
This is a Tokkuri (sake bottle), so I won't post a photo with flowers, but if I had flowers in Tokkuri, it would be very cute.It is difficult to decorate a large vase with flowers.However, you can easily decorate this small vessel with flowers. And you can put it in a small space.
Tokkuri is a very fun vessel.
It's an interesting collaboration.

For those who like abstract art but don't know Bizen ware, I'm glad that these photos have had a certain effect. I want people all over the world to know the wonderfulness of the abstract scenery of Bizen ware.

Bizen Tokkuri | Size(cm)W9.1 H13