About ” Shizen to Bizen”

Author & Photography : Taijiro ITO
Bizen Gallery Aoyama
Tokyo, Japan => We moved to Kyoto in December 2020.

The Beauty of Nature, The beauty of the Japanese Ceramics

I learn the beauty from nature.

In this blog, I hope to share some of Japan’s beautiful, yet ephemeral natural lansdcapes, in addtion to showcasing its exquisite Bizen pottery.

In fact, I don’t speak English well. However, I want to tell many people, so I write it in English.
I do not edit a photograph except that I input a blog name. Please enjoy my photos like a magazine.

I object to nuclear power plant.

Thank you
Best regards,
Taijiro ITO



Contemporary Japanese Ceramics from the Collection of Gordon Brodfuehrer

Jun 2, 2012 – Jan 13, 2013
It is held in Mingei International Museum in San Diego. In this exhibition, Several photographs of shizen to bizen are exhibited.

Splendid collection of Mr. Brodfuehrer and some photographs of nature are displayed. Thank you for giving me an opportunity .

copyright © 2005 Shizen to Bizen all rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “About ” Shizen to Bizen”

  1. Dear Toji Ito, i love your photos, and your blogs ! It’s wonderful. Can i use your photos, then i can include a link to your blog ? It would be awesome 🙂 Please let me know.
    Best regards.

    1. Dear marigpastudent,
      Thank you for your impression !!
      How do you use my photograph?
      Best regards,

      1. Dear Tai,
        I am a french practitioner with the Bach Flowers Remedy, which is a alternative emotionnal well being practice. It is made with flowers, and i really want the people could catch the beauty of the flowers in general. So i would like to use some of your photos in my website to imaging my articles or essays. Of course i’ll make a link to your website, and include your name and your website name. If you allow me to do so 🙂
        Wish you a wonderful day,
        Best regards,

      2. Dear Suzy, I would like to cooperate with you with my pleasure. Please use my photograph. Please attach a link and my name.
        Thank you.
        Best regards,
        Taijiro ITO

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