To be better

As no one may notice, I tried to change the background of the work to give it a better atmosphere.
However, the result was not as expected. This is also studying.It will be better tomorrow!
My job is to select the flower material that suits the vase, think about the background, and convey it to everyone. I would like to measure the differentiation from the vendors who always shoot and sell works mechanically in the same way with the same background. Needless to say, I work in the arts.

A scene in memory

Looking at this Chawan, I can see the sight of the tip of my favorite cape when I lived in Tokyo.
Lava flows into the sea, cools and hardens, forming the earth.
If the ground was dyed in the setting sun, I would have been able to see the golden sight.
Enjoy the powerful finish and metallic texture of the surface.
I haven’t been to the sea since I came to Kyoto. I want to go to the sea on the north side of Kyoto.

Kindei Wan | Size(cm)W14.3 H13.5
Takahiro ISHII