In dim light

Dance between light and subject
sense of rhythm

Assuming that a thunderstorm will come after the heat wave, we will wait for the light that we imagined to come in the short switching time.

Ceramic works may be best viewed in dim light.
Product photography is done in bright light, but it is difficult to convey the atmosphere of the work.
Coincidentally, it is often impressed that a part of the work is emphasized and not all look beautiful.

If you look closely at Mr. Hoshino's work, you will find very small things that shine like glitter and diamonds.
It's like a shining star in space, and it looks like a small drop of water.
Bizen Kaki "Oni no ude" Size(cm)W9.7H26.7

The charm of ceramic art

It ’s a long time ago, I was exposed to the charm of ceramic art in a book called "Toh" released by Kyoto Shoin, which focuses on photography. Famous potters were released one by one, but the picture of Mr. Kichizaemon Raku was especially wonderful. It was a moment when I strongly felt that ceramic art was cool.  I have to pursue a more sophisticated view of the world...