“Once upon a time” gallery

Over the course of two days, I observed what kind of natural light was shining into this room.
It is interesting to see the shadows grow around 4:50 in the evening.
(Actually, the window side of this room faces east. The morning sun will come in.
The setting sun reflects on a tall building in the distance.So we can see this scene twice a day.)

The collaboration between the lotus receptacles and the shadows was interesting.
It was like a score.

Fictional ???


Fictional economy

In this terrible situation, the high Nikkei Stock Average is very difficult to understand.
It is far from the real economy.
Monetary policy by the Bank of Japan has led to such an unusual development.
It’s extremely unnatural. It’s just fiction !?
Many people are fed up with stupid politicians and bogus economies.
It is a wet blanket!!