It looks like there is a small TENGU on a tree branch.

If you go straight north on Horikawa-dori near the gallery, you will reach Kifune Shrine & Kurama-dera Temple. Some giant trees were impressive.
Recently, my favorite lens has broken down in earnest. The lens is out of focus. And my sense of balance seems to have gone a little crazy….

I am very happy that customers from the Tokyo period and old friends visit us.
Arigatou gozaimasu !!

morning walk

It’s a fun season to get up early in the morning and go for a walk. The temperature is as cold as 9 degrees, but it feels good. Autumn leaves are advancing day by day. I’m shooting only the prominent parts, so it’s flashy, but overall it’s still about 30%.
As of now, the number of infected people in Japan is small and stable, so customers from the Tokyo period come to my gallery. I am very happy and grateful for the reunion after a long absence.

Autumn colors

Of course I like the autumn leaves of maple leaves, but I like the autumn leaves of cherry blossoms.

I went to Fushimi Inari again to pray for business prosperity.There was a place with a good view on the way. When I looked up, I saw a cloud iridescence.

Below are some photos of the autumn leaves taken in another place the next day. The temple is located in a relatively cool place in the mountains, but it was still about 30% of the autumn colors. It seems to be cold tomorrow morning. Autumn leaves are likely to advance. Around November 13th may be good.