As I mentioned a little before, there is a remarkable Japanese sweets shop near my gallery.
My district is close to the city center, but it’s not a commercial location. But there are shops that are essentially great. This Japanese sweets shop “Kashiya Nona” is run by a young woman. The Japanese sweets she makes will lead me to a new world beyond my imagination. She finds innovation in tradition. Chestnuts are used for the two on the right. Her sense is hidden in the purple part.
Her work goes well with matcha, of course, but also with coffee and tea. And above all, it goes well with wine. I eat it quickly because it’s delicious, but my partner eats it very slowly. She seems to want to fully enjoy it.
Previously, my gallery was in a prime location in Tokyo, but there was no such wonderful Japanese sweets shop full of individuality. There were many popular shops, but they weren’t delicious in nature. It was just excessive packaging and atmosphere. I may have wanted to escape from such a world.
I am currently living in a new world called Kyoto, and they are all very kind and wonderful people.
Unfortunately, in today’s world, appearance and topicality precede the essentials. I want to pursue the essential quality that does not depend on the appearance.
In the sense of surprise, this plate can also be hung on the wall to enjoy Matiere. This piece will fit well on both old-fashioned house walls and modern concrete walls. You can enjoy the atmosphere of Wabi-Sabi.

Bizen Tohban  | Toshiaki SHIBUTA | Size(cm)W35.5 H4 

To be better

As no one may notice, I tried to change the background of the work to give it a better atmosphere.
However, the result was not as expected. This is also studying.It will be better tomorrow!
My job is to select the flower material that suits the vase, think about the background, and convey it to everyone. I would like to measure the differentiation from the vendors who always shoot and sell works mechanically in the same way with the same background. Needless to say, I work in the arts.