One by one

Kuro Bizen Shinogi Guinomi Size(cm) W6.3 H5.7 Toshiaki Shibuta

People all over the world have realized that it is the most important thing.
We can never accept the anachronisms of some leaders.
Ultimately, I hope that the good sense of each and every citizen of each country will win.


Shino Kofukuwan | Size(cm)W10.4 H7.6 | Masayuki HIGUCH
Shino Kofukuwan | Size(cm)W9.8 H7.6 | Masayuki HIGUCHI 
Kuro Bizen Shinogi Kofukuwan | Toshiaki SHIBUTA | Size(cm)W10.5 H9.7

Kofukuwan, which is a slightly smaller chawan, is very convenient. You can drink coffee and use it for various purposes.This is the most frequently used vessel in our daily life.