New work
Iga Hanaire Size(cm)W12.7 H25.4
Kazuya Furutani
We would like to introduce four wonderful flower vases by Mr. Furutani.
At a later date, we will also introduce some sake cups and flat tea bowls.
Thank you
Best regards,

Flowers in our heart

I can’t speak English well, but I spend about 80% of my daily interactions with foreigners.
Everyone is very kind and gentlemanly, I am very blessed.
I appreciate it.
International exchange through cultural things is better for the world.
However, in a world far from my daily life, there are many conflicts.
There is little we can do, but we hope that people’s hearts will become more peaceful…

Japanese beauty

I think this photo captures a sense of playfulness that many Japanese today have lost.
My machiya is not a high-class one, but rather a commoner’s one,
but I think the bamboo decoration inside the room is a great rendition.
We must never lose this sensibility.