Japanese beauty




Bizen TsuboAbstract

The lights are finally installed.
After all the texture of the earthen wall is good.
I wanted to take a picture to commemorate that.I went to a flower shop.
Then I came across a flower I had never seen.
It is a peach flower like a chrysanthemum.
That is why it is a flower called “Kikumomo”.
This encounter seems to be a blessing to this space.
Tonight, I want to drink while watching this scene.
Kampai !!

Towards the end of March

Quiet morning

The harmony between lighting and natural light is also good.

The lighting installed is very important to the gallery and I am happy with the result.
I haven’t made any special efforts, but the Machiya (townhouse) have shown their potential.
From here, I would like to accelerate the interior at once and open the gallery at the end of March.
I want to do the interior myself. The exterior will be postponed.
Not everything will be completed by the time the gallery opens, but I would like to gradually improve the space.



“Once upon a time” gallery

Over the course of two days, I observed what kind of natural light was shining into this room.
It is interesting to see the shadows grow around 4:50 in the evening.
(Actually, the window side of this room faces east. The morning sun will come in.
The setting sun reflects on a tall building in the distance.So we can see this scene twice a day.)

The collaboration between the lotus receptacles and the shadows was interesting.
It was like a score.

A world created by two abstract works


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