Scenery seen in a chawan

The firing result, which cannot be expressed in words, is the greatest attraction of the wood-fired kiln.
There are various colors and textures in 360 degrees. It is a chawan with many highlights.
But sometimes it is reminiscent of real-life landscapes that we have seen in the past. The scenery in my heart. The chawan that reminds me of something and makes me feel is wonderful.

Karatsu Yohen Kofuku Chawan Size(cm) W11.3 H8

Hakeme Soumon Tsubo


It is sunny today, but the light is too blue….
It was raining yesterday, but the light was mellow.
Of course I adjust the color temperature, but finding the light I like is difficult.
I feel the transition of the season from the color of light.

Karatsu Hakeme Soumon Tsubo
Size(cm)W21 H16.4 | Kaoru KIMATA