Kyoto style

People from various countries are looking at this blog, so I will post some photos of Kyoto-style cafes.

(The main character of the subject is a woman reading a book on the second floor, but she seems to have stiff shoulders and turned to the side. It was impressive that she was reading very seriously.)

Since I came to Kyoto, the amount of communication with various people (Friends, acquaintances, customers and potters) has increased.



It’s an interesting wall.



I walk more than 5km every day (Procurement of equipment, etc.).

And I completely stopped watching TV.
I loved watching the news, but now I only see a little on the internet.
The content of the news is just what was supposed.
I am very fulfilling every day.


A world created by two abstract works


Click here to purchase pottery works-> BIZEN GALLERY AOYAMA (Kyoto)
Click here to purchase the abstract work behind-> TAMBI(Tokyo)
Inventory of abstract works is in Tokyo and Kyoto.
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Horizontal sensation


The bird flew and I reacted, but the top of the tower was cut off.

Actually, I went to Toji the day before. But I didn’t have a single-lens reflex camera.
I really wanted to go take a picture before the yellow weeping leaves on the right side fell.
While I was really busy, I walked again and carefully took a number of vertical photos.
When I got home and saw it on my computer, I was shocked.
The tower was tilted in all the photos.
All the pictures of the yellow weeping leaves and the tower were useless.
I am Suttoko Dokkoi…..
In the picture I took without interest, the tower was straight…..