Iga Hanaire living in Europe

Iga Hanaire | Size(cm)W13.9-H27.2
We have received many orders from overseas, mainly in Europe and the United States.
When this Hanaire arrived at the customer’s hand, he went to pick wild flowers and sent me a picture of the flower arrangement. I am very happy. This Hanaire is also happy.
Thank you very much !!


The demolition of the house next door and the back is about to end, and the days of vibration and dust are about to end. Construction is completed at 17:00 every day, and the tranquility returns. I took an experimental photo with the side wall of the gallery in the background.

Morning and evening light

Shigaraki Yohen Mentori Hanaire

Shigaraki Mentori Yohen Hanaire Size(cm)W9.5 H29

Sakura said that humans are doing stupid things.
Sakura entertains you humans every year. What more do humans want?
While saying national interest, it destroys many things and takes many lives of the most important young people.
It destroys the important national interest that actually exists, rather than the calculated national interest.
They are doing something that doesn’t make sense.