“IBUSHIGIN” Meaning of 9 characters
1,Oxidized silver
2,Not flashy, but with a fascinating depth

Oxidized silver-like colors, pencil-like colors, difficult to describe in words, but attractive colors HIDASUKI. This is the color of the burned-out rice straw.
I feel that it is a work with an atmosphere that matches the colors of Kyoto in winter.
It is a work with a calm appearance that seems to have passed for a long time.

Bizen Hanaire Size(cm)W15 H24.6 |Takashi SOGA

After a depressed mood



Seismic activity continues to be active in Japan.
Unfortunately, a big earthquake struck Miyagi prefecture today as well.
Many people became uneasy.
Many difficulties surround us.

It made me feel dark, However, the peach blossom showed me a beautiful appearance.
May the minds of anxious people be calm.



Postscript: Final shooting
It was raining all day today.
It was dark during the day, and a little blue light shined through the skylight.
I’ve taken a lot of pictures so far and I like this sight.