Glacial generation

This strange expression is a word in Japan.
It means the junior class of the baby boomer generation.
I am one of those generations.
There is the word “lost 30 years”.
This glacial generation is the generation that was hit directly by the lost 30 years.
I’m not sure if Japan is a developed country or a declining country today.
It may be said that it is a declining country.
The declining birthrate is the most prominent indicator for national strength.
It’s a serious situation.
There are many isolated people in this generation.
Many people are financially and mentally stuck.
One day, the dissatisfaction suddenly explodes.
But that dissatisfaction has been formed over the long term.
Unfortunately, there is no doubt that such a social background has a negative impact.
Although some factors are becoming clear,
Unless the older generations (politician) are aware of these, I don’t think the problem will be solved.
(It ’s already said that it ’s too late…)
How we can overcome this very big problem is the most important theme for this country.