Kuro Wan Size(cm)W14.6 H10
Tomoyuki OIWA


The Prime Minister’s press conference only reads the manuscript and does not affect the hearts of the people at all. Everything is half-hearted, and stupid policies by stupid politicians can cause more confusion. Everything is within my expectations, so I don’t expect anything and I’m not surprised.
I want a true politician who can be expected to appear soon.


Kyoto style

People from various countries are looking at this blog, so I will post some photos of Kyoto-style cafes.

(The main character of the subject is a woman reading a book on the second floor, but she seems to have stiff shoulders and turned to the side. It was impressive that she was reading very seriously.)

Since I came to Kyoto, the amount of communication with various people (Friends, acquaintances, customers and potters) has increased.



It’s an interesting wall.



I walk more than 5km every day (Procurement of equipment, etc.).

And I completely stopped watching TV.
I loved watching the news, but now I only see a little on the internet.
The content of the news is just what was supposed.
I am very fulfilling every day.