A city surrounded by mountains

There are mountains in the east, west and north of Kyoto.
Therefore, the weather often changes.
For me as a Tokyo person, Kyoto is ideal because I can easily go to the mountains.
It takes more than an hour to get from the center of Tokyo to the mountains.
Now I can walk to the mountains.
Kyoto city from Higashiyama
You can see Kyoto Tower on the left. Kyoto station is also nearby. 
There is a temple with a big roof just to the right of Kyoto Tower.
 It is Higashi Honganji. 
The many buildings on the right are in the city center.

Full moon entrance

I improvised the entrance of the gallery by myself. 
At first I intended to make it gray, but suddenly I changed it to blue.
 And I concentrated like crazy and constructed it. 
Depending on your ingenuity, you can enjoy a mediocre space.
 At times like this, I think it is very important to have a rich heart.