Common points and harmony


In pottery, texture is an important appreciation point.
And this abstract art also has the unique texture of Japanese paper.
The unique colors and atmosphere are in harmony with each other and create a good space.
I think people who like pottery (especially woodfired pottery) like abstract expressions. I also think that these are not irrelevant in order to attract people who like abstract expressions (people who do not know the word “Bizen” e.t.c.) when developing new customers.



The frame of abstract art is finished and we received a lot. We finished it in a frame of the color that suits each work. We will introduce each work in TAMBI. Best regards, Tai



The beauty of time




I wait until it withers and becomes beautiful.



It is said that humans and plants are beautiful when they are young and healthy, but I like the beauty of their appearance over time. The green figure is embarrassing and can’t be posted in large size. It’s exactly the same plant, but it has become beautiful over time. It’s amazing that it naturally hangs its head and transforms into a seed-dropping form.