Small vase?

Of course there are no restrictions on how to use it,
This is a Tokkuri (sake bottle), so I won't post a photo with flowers, but if I had flowers in Tokkuri, it would be very cute.It is difficult to decorate a large vase with flowers.However, you can easily decorate this small vessel with flowers. And you can put it in a small space.
Tokkuri is a very fun vessel.
It's an interesting collaboration.

For those who like abstract art but don't know Bizen ware, I'm glad that these photos have had a certain effect. I want people all over the world to know the wonderfulness of the abstract scenery of Bizen ware.

Bizen Tokkuri | Size(cm)W9.1 H13

After a depressed mood



Seismic activity continues to be active in Japan.
Unfortunately, a big earthquake struck Miyagi prefecture today as well.
Many people became uneasy.
Many difficulties surround us.

It made me feel dark, However, the peach blossom showed me a beautiful appearance.
May the minds of anxious people be calm.



Postscript: Final shooting
It was raining all day today.
It was dark during the day, and a little blue light shined through the skylight.
I’ve taken a lot of pictures so far and I like this sight.