The focus position is different, but it is very difficult to choose which is better.

Komorebi = sunlight that filters through the leaves
This light is soft, like a polka dot pattern, and I never get tired of watching it sway.
It’s my favorite time.

It’s all bad news, but I think this kind of time can have a very positive effect on my heart.
It’s a small garden, but the presence of a single tree is very important.
It was really nice to move here.

In the turmoil

Recently, my computer has become tired due to a lot of photo data. I started organizing while moving them to the outside. I found a good one among the photos I took in the past.

We are in a world where we don’t really understand what is true and what is false… Art, music and natural beauty will heal our hearts. They will be needed more and will be required for higher quality.