world without borders

There are no boundaries in the hobby world.
In the world of various hobbies, collectors are interacting internationally.
Recently, an American customer visited us. He will walks to Tokyo on the Nakasendo.
Then a French friend visited us.
I had a great time.
merci beaucoup !

There are many foreigners in the streets of Kyoto.
The situation seems to be improving little by little, partly due to the effects of the weaker yen…

Kuro bizen

The contrast between black and yellow is also beautiful, but complex mixed colors such as cobalt blue, black and silver are attractive.
The matte luster and traces of shells on the inside, and the kodai that integrates with the shape of the upper body are also interesting.
Kuro Bizen Chawan | Size(cm)W10.7-H8.7 | Takushi TAKAHARA

Japan suddenly became cold. My body can’t adapt yet, so I’ll be careful not to catch a cold.

The last ripe figure

The seasons change quickly.
It’s already October.
I got the flower material that reminds me of the end of November a little early,
so I’m concentrating on taking pictures.
I was waiting for the climax, the intense light from the west.
However, clouds rolled in and that didn’t happen.
I’m looking forward to it after tomorrow.
A few leaves fall off every day.
I want to keep taking pictures until the last one…

I can’t find 998, so I’ll post 996.