Floating on the full moon

Paeonia obovata
Seen from a close distance, the plant looks very impressive, but it still has a wonderful presence. It has an overwhelming presence.
It suddenly became cold. It expresses the atmosphere of a full moon, which is associated with the warmth of autumn fruits and the cold winter.

I don’t think anyone will believe it , but I wrote the lyrics for this song a long time ago. And it was used as BGM for TV commercials of pharmaceutical companies. It was composed by a friend of mine. Someone please use this song again!!

Autumun of…

I strongly feel the sign of autumn.  In Japan, there are various expressions such as autumn of art, autumn of appetite, autumn of thought (Pensive) , and autumn of reading…
I have a lot of things I want to do. Autumn is a good time to move forward, as it is easy to spend.
Long song for a long autumn night : ) I used to play drums when I was a student, so I often improvised for about 30 minutes. It is a nostalgic memory.