in the morning light

The greatest attraction of traditional Japanese houses may be the beauty of light.
This is the light through the glass, but the light through the shoji is also very beautiful.
I am very happy when I meet the beauty of that moment.
I hope that Japanese children will grow up seeing such a scene.
(I like this lens, but it’s a little broken, so it’s hard to focus…)


Japan’s leading musician has passed away.
Of course he is world famous.
I have agreed with his views on energy policy and environmental issues.
However, his opinion on energy policy had a lot of opponents in the country,
and I think he had a hard time.
As a first-class artist, he saw, heard, and expressed various things on the world stage.
Therefore, he was a thoughtful and precise person.
There are very few people like him these days.
The majority of people do not care about nature and only care about immediate profits.
In the great earthquake, we suffered a lot, but profit-seeking people seem to have already forgotten them.
There may be some great pressure, but I respect his opinion and want to continue his will in the future.
Rest in peace.