When I look at the work every day, there is a new beauty to be discovered. Needless to say, the more attractive the work, the more discoveries it has.
Due to the subtle difference in the amount of clouds, the shade and intensity of light will differ. And the color of the work looks different. Which light I choose is my taste and luck.
Chawan | Takahiro ISHII


Kahitsukan – Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art
I saw two exhibitions at this museum the other day.

1 Henri Cartier Bresson
2 Beauty of Japan / Rosanjin Kitaoji
Although they are recognized as masters, they also said something that was essentially important. However, what I was most interested in was the concept (name) of this museum.
The following text is borrowed from the website of this museum. This is the most important and necessary way of thinking for Japanese people. This is because many Japanese value their name and background more than what is essential. This is because we value bad works made by celebrities over great works made by anonymous people. In order for the Japanese to really mature, they have to overcome this barrier, which will be very difficult.
The 5th floor of the museum was also impressive.

Man is shackled by preconceived ideas, set theories.
In art, as in science, people’s minds have blinders–established theories–
which deprive them of liberty of thought.
Wishing to maintain my freedom to doubt,
I have named this museum the Kahitsukan,
to indicate that it and all things (Ka) might not really (hitsu) be as one is led to believe.
I only hope that somehow it will make an original contribution to beauty.

Yoshitomo Kajikawa
Kahitsukan – Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art , Director


This is a special feature of the type of vase that can be hung on the wall.
Attaching a vase to the wall will make your space more varied and enjoyable. It gives a three-dimensional effect to the space. Recommended for producing a sense of the season. How about installing it at the entrance or boutique? There are also works that look like human figures. More