Not only does he make Shigaraki ware, but he also makes very elegant pieces like this one. He is a truly versatile artist.
Colors vary depending on the time of day and weather.
This color was taken in the weak light of the evening.
The photo below was taken in bright natural light.
Under illumination, it becomes even more different in color.

Seihakuji Kinsai Kokumon Chawan

facial expression

Yohen Wan | Size(cm)W13.2 H11.1 | Takahiro ISHII

Just like humans, their facial expressions in the morning, their facial expressions when working, and their facial expressions when playing are all different.
The 6th and 7th backgrounds are made by myself. My current hobby is making abstract prints. They will change in the future. Under construction.

The other day, there was unauthorized access and unauthorized posting. It’s a really weird time. What do humans want?


The Japanese parliament, which is made up of dynastic members who do not know the value of money, members from entertainers, and members who have a mixture of politics and religion, is rotten. Their quality is too bad. But it is our people who are responsible for choosing them. There are various problems in various countries around the world. The most troublesome issue in our country is the quality of politicians. I don’t want to say this, but it’s so terrible that I have to say it.