Towards the end of March

Quiet morning

The harmony between lighting and natural light is also good.

The lighting installed is very important to the gallery and I am happy with the result.
I haven’t made any special efforts, but the Machiya (townhouse) have shown their potential.
From here, I would like to accelerate the interior at once and open the gallery at the end of March.
I want to do the interior myself. The exterior will be postponed.
Not everything will be completed by the time the gallery opens, but I would like to gradually improve the space.



10 years


March 11

Ten years have passed since that day.

It has changed the values of many people.

Before many people were able to organize their minds,
another catastrophe called a virus covered the world.
And that is still going on…

We only want to value the feelings of mutual support.

Lighting has been installed in the gallery in Kyoto today.

It’s painful, but I want to move forward with hope.


Fictional ???


Fictional economy

In this terrible situation, the high Nikkei Stock Average is very difficult to understand.
It is far from the real economy.
Monetary policy by the Bank of Japan has led to such an unusual development.
It’s extremely unnatural. It’s just fiction !?
Many people are fed up with stupid politicians and bogus economies.
It is a wet blanket!!