A scene in memory

Looking at this Chawan, I can see the sight of the tip of my favorite cape when I lived in Tokyo.
Lava flows into the sea, cools and hardens, forming the earth.
If the ground was dyed in the setting sun, I would have been able to see the golden sight.
Enjoy the powerful finish and metallic texture of the surface.
I haven’t been to the sea since I came to Kyoto. I want to go to the sea on the north side of Kyoto.

Kindei Wan | Size(cm)W14.3 H13.5
Takahiro ISHII

Beauty after falling

Every day I am full of anger at the behavior of Japanese third-rate politicians.
The aesthetics of beauty after falling and beauty at the time of leaving may no longer exist in Japanese people.
The photo shows the beautiful appearance of Clematis after it was scattered, which I posted the other day.
Music : It is first-class art that calms anger.

Line of sight

Machiya in Kyoto is an elongated house. In turn, there is a street, a front door, a small room, a small room, a large room in the back, and a small garden in the back. (There are many Machiya that differ from this pattern.) I’m always in a position to see the street from the room in front of the innermost garden. I like the sight after the intense west sun has passed. In the evening, I change from classical music to jazz.What I like and listen to right now is Red Garland. I like fashionable sounds.
The atmosphere of the work looks very different depending on the natural light and lighting, and the background music. Everything has an interesting discovery.

Favorite Shigaraki | Tetsuya ISHIYAMA