New work
Iga Hanaire Size(cm)W12.7 H25.4
Kazuya Furutani
We would like to introduce four wonderful flower vases by Mr. Furutani.
At a later date, we will also introduce some sake cups and flat tea bowls.
Thank you
Best regards,

Flowers in our heart

I can’t speak English well, but I spend about 80% of my daily interactions with foreigners.
Everyone is very kind and gentlemanly, I am very blessed.
I appreciate it.
International exchange through cultural things is better for the world.
However, in a world far from my daily life, there are many conflicts.
There is little we can do, but we hope that people’s hearts will become more peaceful…


The texture and color of the clay and the brilliance of the natural glaze are wonderful.

SOLD Shigaraki Mentori Hanaire
Size(cm) W9 H30

I went on a business trip to Tokyo in mid-April.
Then I got sick and took a long break.
I finally recovered and started working again.
I canceled my planned hike.