Bizen chawan

Bizen Chawan

Bizen Chawan Size(cm)W12.8-H9 | Takashi SOGA
It is a chawan with the traditional “Hidaski” technique, but the color that looks like a reversal of the usual scenery is interesting. Until it comes out of the kiln, there is still a world we do not understand. That is exactly the charm of ceramic art.

Bizen Chawan

Bizen Chawan Size(cm)W13 H9.2 | Takashi SOGA
The naturally fired black color is very attractive.

Floating on the full moon

Paeonia obovata
Seen from a close distance, the plant looks very impressive, but it still has a wonderful presence. It has an overwhelming presence.
It suddenly became cold. It expresses the atmosphere of a full moon, which is associated with the warmth of autumn fruits and the cold winter.

I don’t think anyone will believe it , but I wrote the lyrics for this song a long time ago. And it was used as BGM for TV commercials of pharmaceutical companies. It was composed by a friend of mine. Someone please use this song again!!

Scenery seen in a chawan

The firing result, which cannot be expressed in words, is the greatest attraction of the wood-fired kiln.
There are various colors and textures in 360 degrees. It is a chawan with many highlights.
But sometimes it is reminiscent of real-life landscapes that we have seen in the past. The scenery in my heart. The chawan that reminds me of something and makes me feel is wonderful.

Karatsu Yohen Kofuku Chawan Size(cm) W11.3 H8