Tomoyuki OIWA
Online Exhibition

From the works in the current exhibition,
Good contrast between warm and cool colors.
After all, Bizen has a calm and good atmosphere.
Although it is a long and narrow work, it is heavy and has a sense of stability.

tetsuya Ishiyama

Warabai-yu Yohen Chawan | Size(cm)W13.8-H9.7

Hakeme Chawan | Size(cm)W12.7-H7

Shigaraki Chawan | Size(cm)W11.1-H10.2

Taiwan-de Sansai Chawan | Size(cm)W14-H9.7

Kinginsai Chawan | Size(cm)W13.3-H7.8

Shigaraki Chaire | Size(cm)W8.3-H10.5 

Shigaraki Mizusashi | Size(cm)W18-H16

Shigaraki Yohen Mizusashi | Size(cm)W20.3-H16

Chawan 19 + | Tetsuya ISHIYAMA
14th,December 2022 – 15th, January 2023