The beauty of time




I wait until it withers and becomes beautiful.



It is said that humans and plants are beautiful when they are young and healthy, but I like the beauty of their appearance over time. The green figure is embarrassing and can’t be posted in large size. It’s exactly the same plant, but it has become beautiful over time. It’s amazing that it naturally hangs its head and transforms into a seed-dropping form.


A sense of enjoying art


People who like pottery also like abstract art.

About the abstract art on the wall,
We find the material and add ingenuity to make it look better.

There are people who imitate it without any effort, so I cannot post detailed information, but of course it is a work made by Japanese people using Japanese materials.

The frame was made by a joinery store I’m familiar with.
They usually make shoji and furniture etc.
This frame is built by a very traditional Japanese method.

At first glance, these two works look like Western art, but both are very Japanese.
We believe in our senses and enjoy art.
All the best,

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