New Website


Additional notes | 13th,Oct”

“Flowers and Vases” Vol.1 , Vol.2

It was added to “Planet Pottery“and updated.

Since it is an unstable world, let’s have a look at this and have a cup of coffee!  : )



Additional notes | 12th,Oct

Today “Planet Pottery” was added to the menu.
They are representative scenery of Bizen.

Next time, we will update the slider “Flowers and Vases” soon.

Please feel it !!


I built a new website about 70% and I updated it.

Most are static pages.
It is an inconspicuous job, but all the photos in the “archive” were improved.

The remaining 30% will be assembling dynamic pages.
That work will be fun for me.

About the work being introduced in the “Gallery”,
Basically there is no menu.
You can find works from “tags” and “categories”.
I can accelerate the update of work.

The new website will evolve.

Thank you.
Best regards,

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