UME (Taken on March,2018)

Japan’s new era has been announced.
“Beautiful moon night in the beginning of spring
Refreshing wind is blowing softly
Among them, the plum blossom blooms beautifully white,
as if a beautiful woman is putting white powder on her face in front of the mirror
The banquet is fragrant like a scent bag by nobles…”
It was sourced from such an old song.


SAKURA (Taken on April,2017)
It suddenly got cold and rained before the cherry blossoms were most beautiful this year.
And the petals were scattered before full bloom.
It is a very delicate flower and it is very short to see.

“In a warm sunshine
A soft wind is blowing
The cherry blossoms in full bloom are slightly redder like the faces of people who drank
People sing and birds sing and the smell of the lunch box wraps around…”
by Taijiro : )



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