Magnificent scale


The largest wooden gate in Japan, built in 1621.
Height 24 meters, width 50 meters, 70,000 roof tiles.

I feel that modern people have a smaller scale of mind than those of the time.
Whether it’s the Egyptian pyramids or the Nazca Lines,
the ancients created magnificent things in the days when there were no crane cars.

The technical capabilities of the people at that time were excellent,
but I think the most important thing is the size of the heart and the ambition.

We are in a very difficult situation right now.
At such times, both creators and sellers turn to small works.
I insist that it shouldn’t be done that way.
In fact, the works that customers have recently purchased are all large in size.
At any time,
I feel that the ambitions that continue to make masterpieces and the ambitions that continue to sell masterpieces will remain in posterity.



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