Finally open in Tanabata

July 7
A festival is a day when we celebrate at the turn of the season and offer offerings to God. 
Tanabata is that day.

Today, the aluminum sash front door has been changed to a wooden door.
The wooden lattice door is a traditional style that represents Kyoto.
We look forward to this new door aging and becoming a tasty color.

Although it is about 80% complete, our gallery will open on July 7.
We appreciate the cooperation of electronics stores, glass stores, joinery stores, and many others.

Looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto !

263 Kamikanabutsucho

Thank you
Best regards,
Bizen Gallery Aoyama

2 thoughts on “Finally open in Tanabata

  1. Dear Ito san,

    I will do a special Tanabata Kampai for you on the 7th of July!
    wishing you good luck for this new adventure.

    sincerely yours,

    1. Dear Jérôme san,
      Thanks for the message!
      Our gallery is finally open.
      This old house feels like an old ship.
      Especially when I look at the pillars on the second floor, I feel that way.
      ”Set sail and go on a voyage”
      I look forward to your visiting.
      Best wishes and regards,

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