It was fine this morning, I got up early and went out to check the beauty I discovered yesterday again. When I arrived at the scene, that beautiful figure wasn't there anymore.
I wanted to see that beautiful figure in the sunny weather, but it wasn't there anymore.
(Some of the leaves on the right are dead, so you can see that they are the same.)
I'm really glad that I was able to take that moment.
Good times pass by in an instant...
A big athletic meet is being held in Tokyo, but at the same time, a variant of coronavirus is rampant.
It seems that about 4 trillion yen was spent on a big athletic meet.
The economy in the city is very cold in inverse proportion to the temperature.
Various things are very very strange situations.
I feel very angry at the government's measures and decisions that are too stupid.
This will never improve the situation.

What are we looking for ? ...
Where are we heading?...

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