An unforgettable snow scene ⅱ

(The time series is posted upside down.)

I don’t think there was a forecast of heavy snow the night before.
It often snows in Kyoto city. However, it does not accumulate.
I happened to stay up until midnight. I noticed the snow in the small garden.
I took a short nap and started walking. The momentum of the snow did not subside, and it piled up steadily. I started shooting from a nearby temple (Kenninji Temple).

Finally, I was able to see this beautiful sunrise at Kiyomizu Temple. I am grateful for all the timings in a really moment. I would like you to take a closer look at the details. It is a very delicate snow scene. Perhaps after this, the snow melted rapidly.

The color of the snow scene changed from moment to moment. Please compare it with the shade of the photo in the next post.

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