To acknowledge each other

Individuals and countries
With the exception of some areas, individual authority and activities are more liberal and active. This blog has been seen by people from various countries for a long time, and the ceramic works I introduce have been ordered from various countries. Now that such things are becoming commonplace, we recognize each other’s values.
Under such circumstances, I feel that the relationship between countries is about half a century behind the relationship between individuals. Unfortunately, however, that tension may increase in the future. Even if there are good relationships between individuals, it’s a shame to go in a different direction. Needless to say, we hope that we will recognize each other’s values and create a better world.

I listen to classical music, jazz, and a variety of music every day, and these days, music like this is the most calming to me. Thanks to great customers, the situation in my gallery is getting better. Arigatou !!