Roof tile – Kawara

Recently, the old house next to and behind the gallery has been demolished.
The roof tiles were thrown into a dump truck.
I wanted to reuse them and got 25. And I laid them in our garden and arranged them.
A long time ago, roof tiles were a major product of Bizen Province. (There is still a factory.) It was fired in a kiln or made in a process quite similar to Bizen ware.
There is an abstract pattern in the roof tiles, which is fun. Also, it is very beautiful when wet with water. Same as Bizen ware.
I have to think about placing these better in the garden.
The garden will have a profound atmosphere. Roof tiles that have been exposed to the sun for a long time and exposed to rain and wind have a deep atmosphere. The tiles of old temples have the best taste. It may be instantly destroyed as industrial waste, but for me they are interesting.

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