in the morning light

The greatest attraction of traditional Japanese houses may be the beauty of light.
This is the light through the glass, but the light through the shoji is also very beautiful.
I am very happy when I meet the beauty of that moment.
I hope that Japanese children will grow up seeing such a scene.
(I like this lens, but it’s a little broken, so it’s hard to focus…)

5 thoughts on “in the morning light

  1. I am Peter from NZ who came to visit you some weeks ago. Your photographs are beautiful, always. I agree with what you say about the light in Japanese houses. Tankzaki was right!

      1. Your shop was so lovely with its sense of the old and fragile. Today it is hard to find even a restaurant where the lighting is low. Everything seems to be glaring and new. I come to Kyoto to find the now rapidly disappearing past.. it is sad.

      2. Well, there are so many places where the light is so strong that it hurts our eyes.
        Being able to see every corner is not necessarily a good thing.
        Kyoto, Nara, and Kanazawa should be fully aware of what people from all over the world come for. Thank you.

      3. Your photographs are beautifully lit. That is what I looking for. Many thanks. Peter

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